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We’re the advocates and champions for healthcare challenger brands.

A healthcare challenger brand has a unique set of circumstances. It may not have a clinical advantage, first-in leverage, a unique mechanism of action, a breakthrough product profile, or the ability to outspend. What it does have is potential that needs to be met.

That’s exactly why Elevate was purpose-built in 2015, with the sole mission of helping brands understand and transcend their challenges. We’re using all the significant marketing tools at our disposal to help it to elevate above and beyond its perceived limits.

Challenge Accepted.

In the nearly 8 years Elevate has been championing the cause of healthcare challenger brands, we’ve identified and helped 11 distinct challenger brand archetypes. Some of these should seem familiar if you have a challenger brand.

Our Archetypes

Our Archetypes

the 20/20 visionary

Seeing is believing—finding clarity in the future that no one else was able to see and turning that vision into reality is magical.

The Later Innovator

Embrace the moment. If you don’t have the first-mover advantage, learn from others’ experiences to advance your category and your brand’s position.

The Different Maker

Be distinctive by marketing—jump ahead of a pack of competition to differentiate and change brand trajectory.

The Change Engineer

Build a better tomorrow—as an agent of change, you rethink, redesign, and restructure the way things work.

The Passionate Advocate

Tap into your purpose—be present at every step of the journey by offering a helping hand, educating, caring, and supporting better decision-making.

The Constant Pioneer

Relentlessly pursue new space to operate—market dynamics compel the continual seeking of more potential in uncharted territories.

The Zebra Unicorn

One of a kind—has a real advantage for a rare or especially challenging purpose if only it were better recognized and utilized.

The MOA Maven

Different by design—unique based on how or where it works that is not fully understood or appreciated.

The Defending Champion

On top for now—market leader that is being challenged by marketplace dynamics and is now faced with defending its share and position.

The Data Driver

Clinically minded—robust data that can change a perception, or parity data (ie, non-inferiority) that need to be spun a different way.

The Tech Transformer

Living innovation—a true disruptor with an undiscovered or heretofore unknown advantage in the marketplace that lifts a brand above the pack.

Client Testimonials

Jason D. Menzo

Jason D. Menzo

Foundation Fighting Blindness

I have had extensive experience in many businesses and even across multiple industries (biotech, medical device, pharma, and now nonprofit) with the leadership team at Elevate and have always been impressed with their results. Their creativity, passion, and execution have always been exceptional. It never feels like a client/agency relationship—it is much more like an extension of my team. I highly recommend them.

Therese Heimbold, RN, BSN

Therese Heimbold, RN, BSN

Galen US Inc.

Elevate is a true strategic partner to Galen, and beyond the impactful brand campaigns they’ve created, my team has contributed strategically, scientifically, and creatively—all quite significantly. That isn’t the case in most agencies, and I can’t remember the last time that happened with other companies. Take it from me, Elevate is true to their name: they’re elevating the role of an agency in our organization.

Brandon Lewis

Brandon Lewis

Aspen Green

We came to Elevate for brand design and advertising ideas for our new CBD line but got so much more—from strategic marketing consulting to digital design to brand packaging. As a start-up company in the health and wellness space, there is a lot for Aspen Green to tackle, and Elevate has been invaluable to us. They’re a bunch of smart, creative people who know their stuff and help us figure out how to exceed our challenges on multiple levels. As a small company, we would have never gotten that kind of attention or help in a traditional agency environment. We made the right choice.