elevate healthcare marketing

Lorna Weir, Founding Partner

the liberator

Lorna liberates her clients from getting bogged down by the multiple challenges of commercializing and marketing pharmaceutical brands, the usual strategic approaches, or the confines of traditional healthcare marketing thinking.

4 fast facts you should know about Lorna:

  • Started Elevate based on a vision of serving clients’ strategic, business and commercial aspirations on a higher level than tactical execution
  • A history of pioneering and perfecting the key elements of strategic partnering: analysis of complex market landscapes; providing sound, educated counsel; and being a dedicated, tireless, tenacious advocate for achieving commercial goals
  • A career path that has taken her from Wall Street to law (Weir holds a JD), from business-to-business and consumer marketer to healthcare specialist. Former president of successful healthcare agencies Dudnyk and Vox Medica, and more recently principal of a commercial strategic consulting firm that became the basis for Elevate
  • More than 18 years of experience in healthcare marketing and communications, spanning pharmaceutical, medical devices, and diagnostics across a number of therapeutic areas, including oncology, hematology, medical devices and diagnostics, central nervous system, nephrology, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, cardiovascular, and obstetrics and gynecology
Frank X. Powers, Founding Partner


Frank X. Powers, Founding Partner

the motivator

Frank motivates his team and his clients to find the best in every interaction. The result of that motivational spirit manifests through insightful conversations, lasting contacts, meaningful exchanges, expansive networking, key relationships, breakthrough ideas, and of course, innovative strategies.

4 fast facts you should know about Frank:

  • Founded Elevate, a multidisciplinary strategy practice serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device sectors. Elevate specializes in shaping and transforming product objectives into actionable sales and marketing strategies that drive commercial success
  • He has a reputation for outstanding organizational and thought leadership known throughout the industry. He has been honored as a PM360 ELITE Leader and as one of PharmaVoice Magazine’s 100 Most Inspiring People. His marketing opinions and insights are sought by and published in virtually every leading industry trade magazine, including Medical Marketing & Media, Pharmaceutical Executive, Med Ad News, PM360, and PharmaVoice
  • In his former role as president of top independent healthcare agency Dudnyk, Frank led a miraculous transformation from a traditional print-based pharmaceutical ad agency to a multichannel marketing machine. During his tenure, he and his team received all top honors in the industry, including Agency of the Year, Most Creative Agency, and Best Places to Work
  • He has led major strategic initiatives for Nasacort, Taxotere, Avapro, Zocor, Mobic, Nexium and dozens of other big pharma brands; for consumer and b2b brands like Coke’s Powerade and DuPont’s Tyvek; and for dozens of different biotech and medical device brands

Barry Schmader, Chief Creative Officer

the ideator

Barry ideates novel strategy approaches, new ways to think about brands, and how to express the creative elements of strategic business solutions.

4 fast facts you should know about Barry:

  • He left the promotional agency world to join Elevate’s multidisciplinary strategy practice so he could be on the leading edge of the healthcare marketing evolution
  • He has more than 30 years of pharmaceutical experience and perspective, yet still approaches every day in marketing like a kid in a candy store, spreading his enthusiasm and pushing creative limits in search of “even sweeter ideas”
  • He is a well-known and recognized creative innovator, a winner of dozens of industry top awards for his ideas and campaigns, including Rx Club Gold Awards, Med Ad News Manny Awards, PM360 Trailblazers, and MM&M Awards. He has been named as one of the 2016 PM360 ELITEPharmaVOICE Magazine’s 100 Most Inspiring People, and featured in PM360 Magazine’s Greatest Creators
  • Former Chief Creative Officer of Dudnyk and the inspiration behind the highly focused and strategic creative work that has become legendary in the healthcare industry. He has created award-winning campaigns for literally hundreds of pharma brands from Altace to Zocor, plus a dizzying array of medical device brands from Cordis to Medtronic to Boston Scientific

Kathleen Nelson, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

the investigator

In the clinical trial world, the principal investigator assumes full responsibility for the treatment and evaluation of subjects, and for the integrity of the research data and results. In every sense of the word, Kathleen Nelson is our “principal investigator” on all scientific and medical matters, upholding the highest degree of integrity in the data we cite, the clinical relevance of information we convey, and the accuracy of scientific and marketing messages we create on behalf of our clients. Kathy is also one of our principal strategists, helping us all to relentlessly connect the strategy with the science and vice versa.

4 fast facts to know about Kathy:

  • More than 20 years of experience in medical education and scientific communications in a variety of settings including major universities, hospitals, and communication agencies
  • Before Elevate, Kathy served as EVP Scientific Officer at several of the industry’s top pharmaceutical and healthcare communications agencies, including Vox Medica and Dudnyk
  • Formerly a professor in the Biology department at New York University and editor of the Scientific Report at the Fox Chase Cancer Center
  • Kathy holds a PhD in biochemistry from Temple University, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in immunology at Fox Chase Cancer Center

Lisa Tamborello, PHR, Executive Director, Human Resources & Workplace Operations

the navigator

Lisa navigates the world of Human Resources and Workplace Operations, but in a nutshell, her function is to make sure everyone and everything function properly. Lisa somehow manages to manage the everyone part (Employee Relations. Talent Management, Workforce Planning, Training and Development) and the everything part (important stuff like Payroll, Benefits, Office Operations, and Technology) with equal grace and skill. Overall, if it involves human beings, technology, finance, or operations, Lisa is making it happen.

4 fast facts to know about Lisa

  • Came to Elevate to join former colleagues in building a unique mission-based culture that makes a difference in the industry
  • Formerly the Chief People Officer at Calcium USA where she spent 14 years managing various functions including Human Resources, Technology and Corporate Operations
  • Spent over a decade as the National Infrastructure Manager at Navigant Consulting where she was instrumental at standardizing the telecommunication and network services across 65 offices worldwide. It was a bit like herding hi-tech cats
  • Holds PHR, Professional in Human Resources Certification, and has distinguished herself as a member of Healthcare Businesswoman’s Association and Society of Human Resources Management

Erin Hlivia, Practice Lead, Client Delivery

the cultivator

Erin cultivates an environment of high performance as she leads the Client Delivery Practice at Elevate, overseeing the quality of service we provide to our clients and the product we put out into the world on their behalf. From her first day at Elevate, Erin has been instilling an attitude of excellence, ensuring consistently high service performance and unparalleled product quality. Erin gets it right, and then makes sure we get it right too. First time. Every time.

4 fast facts to know about Erin:

  • One of the first Elevate associates, she joined Elevate because it was an opportunity to do things right from the start with a group of experienced professionals who share her passion for perfection
  • A marketing communications professional with 17 years of agency experience with Calcium USA and its predecessors Vox Medica and Ted Thomas Associates. Technically, Erin’s successful career has outlasted several of the companies for which she has worked. Longevity and perseverance are virtues
  • A consummate authority in leading multichannel and multiplatform communication initiatives, with a specialty in major corporate and brand campaigns in the pharma and medical device space
  • Like many of Elevate’s key personnel, Erin is a multifaceted experienced professional reinventing traditional agency roles. Erin is part Account Supervisor, part Strategic Planner, part Project Manager, part Creative person. It’s a unique blend of skills that make her an invaluable asset on all business, and is the connective tissue that binds all the key elements of an initiative

Regina Brown, Director, Client Engagement

the activator

Regina is the activator—the catalyst that puts relationships, initiatives, and all client-agency engagement in positive motion. Thanks to incredible management and people skills honed from years of experience, she also activates confidence and good vibes with everyone she engages.

4 fast facts to know about Regina:

  • A decade of pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing management experience gives Regina the unique ability to contribute to powerful strategy and brand positioning through a deep understanding of client data—then pivot to apply that knowledge to enhance the development of strategic and tactical plans, tactical rollout, and digital initiatives.
  • Before joining Elevate, Regina worked as Account Supervisor with Health4Brands, part of the Havas Global network, located in the heart of the Boston biotech boom. Prior to that she began her healthcare marketing career in Philadelphia as a Senior Account Executive and Account Supervisor at Vox Medica, managing multiple million dollar accounts.
  • Regina’s marketing background includes multiple disease states, particularly rare disease, osteoarthritis, hypertension, neuroscience, oncology, and Alzheimer’s
  • Earning a BS in Secondary Education from Miami University (Ohio) comes in handy managing the high school high jinx of some of our creative teams. While at Miami, she also played NCAA Division 1 Soccer, so she can kick just about anything (and anyone!) into gear.

Renée Watson, Manager, Client Engagement

the stimulator

Renée is a stimulator of positive relationships with our clients, and internally at Elevate. She is the daily point of contact for our key accounts, gatekeeper of our client interactions, and represents Elevate with skill, grace and intelligence in all of those interactions. From weekly client status calls, internal input and kick-off meetings, legal and regulatory submissions, and status reports, to project brief development, billing, and managing the brand strategy marketing plans (whew!) Renée is on it. Renée is our hardworking, multi-tasking, problem solver who manages a large volume of work–and manages to keep smiling all at the same time. That’s not easy but Renée makes it look that way.

4 fast facts to know about Renée:

  • Over seven years of professional experience in a variety of fast-paced, high-performance marketing environments, with consumer and healthcare professional audiences, and in digital, TV, radio, print, and social media
  • Before joining Elevate, Renée worked as Senior Account Executive with Discovery USA, a Publicis agency in Philadelphia that specializes in healthcare marketing for patient and healthcare professional initiatives
  • Member of numerous professional and philanthropic associations, including Bringing Hope Home (Young Professional Network Committee) the Philadelphia Advertising Club, the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Young Professional’s Network, and the PHIMA (Philadelphia Interactive Marketing Association)
  • Holds degrees from Penn State University in Advertising and in Sociology, the latter which comes in handy when analyzing the Elevate social office environment, and helping to stimulate the most productive and positive interactions