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Elevate Healthcare aims to raise the standards of excellence with every new assignment. That effort gets pushed to new heights when working with amazing client partners at Biofrontera with the AMELUZ® (aminolevulinic acid HCl) topical gel, 10% (and BF-RhodoLED®) team and at Santen with the TobraDex® ST (tobramycin dexamethasone ophthalmic suspension) team. Campaigns for those brands were recognized as finalists for the 2022 PM360 Trailblazer Awards, with nominations in Relaunch/Revitalization of the Year and Professional Website/Online Initiative for AMELUZ® with “Danger Lurks Below” and in Professional Campaign for relaunching TobraDex ST with “A Brand with Staying Power.” The Trailblazer Awards recognize outstanding achievement and innovation in healthcare marketing.

For the AMELUZ® relaunch, Biofrontera worked with Elevate to clearly communicate to dermatologists the danger of subclinical lesions. The campaign creates a greater sense of urgency around the treatment of actinic keratosis (AK) and the need to address AK lesions sooner by leveraging the strong clinical data and technology of AMELUZ®. To ensure success, the client/agency partnership was incredibly strong, with a full team of Biofrontera employees providing recommendations for engaging content about how to blend the “danger” and the data. Professionals needed to understand the impact of AMELUZ® when it comes to subclinical lesions, and the teams worked together to change behavior.

Elevate’s Tara Powers, VP, Creative Director, said, “The collaboration between the Biofrontera and Elevate teams has been so special, and the campaign we developed together speaks for itself. By highlighting the danger of the unseen AK lesions, we incorporated bold visuals and striking data points throughout the website to help healthcare professionals understand how to approach the threat.”

Santen wanted TobraDex ST to stand out in the market and showcase how the unique formulation of TobraDex ST helps patients with blepharitis/meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). The new campaign connected with eye care professionals, helping them understand quickly that TobraDex ST provides rapid inflammation relief to improve symptoms and prevent long-term ocular damage. After the campaign launched this spring, TobraDex ST prescriptions were outpacing the market, and the brand saw high engagement at conferences and on its website.

Elevate’s Barry Schmader, Chief Creative Officer, said, “The visual execution needed to quickly communicate the symptoms of blepharitis/MGD and highlight why a fast response was important since prolonged inflammation may lead to more serious eye conditions. We always want the audience’s attention, but this campaign was definitely one of the most ‘eye-catching’ approaches.”

Both of these campaigns show that by being the champion of challenger brands, Elevate can deliver the kind of work that helps disrupt the status quo and overcome a market challenge.

Congratulations and thanks are in order for our team and client partners for working together on these nominated campaigns.

For more on the 2022 Trailblazer awards, check out their site.

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