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Lorna Weir joins elite group in Philadelphia

We are proud to announce that Lorna Weir, cofounder of Elevate, has been selected as a 2022 Philadelphia TITAN 100—an honor that recognizes the top CEOs and C-level executives across the region. The TITAN 100 honorees demonstrate leadership, vision, and passion and have proven to be influential in their field. The TITAN 100 recognizes exceptional people across technology, manufacturing, education, staffing, professional services, hospitality, healthcare, and many other fields. Together, the 2022 Philadelphia TITAN 100 and their companies generate over $14 billion dollars in annual revenues and employ upwards of 70,000 employees.

Barry Schmader, Elevate Chief Creative Officer, said, “Lorna has been one of the biggest difference-makers in the industry for years, so it’s fitting that she has been recognized as a TITAN. She treats her clients and colleagues with the utmost respect and treats every new project as another opportunity to raise the standards of creative excellence.”

Lorna’s career path has taken her from Wall Street to law, from business-to-business and consumer marketing and advertising to healthcare. Lorna began her professional career working on Wall Street with Credit Suisse First Boston. As an analyst and attorney, she received some of the best training in the financial services industry, improved her analytical and leadership skills, and made connections that have given her an edge throughout her career.

Lorna’s expertise also spans 20 years of marketing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics across several therapeutic areas, including oncology, hematology, central nervous system, nephrology, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis, cardiovascular, and obstetrics and gynecology.

Her excellence at building bridges between strategic planning and creative thinking and marketing and sales for clients is legendary in the industry, as is her ability to construct successful marketing plans, lead brand development, and drive aggressive sales initiatives. Lorna is a thought leader and influencer in the industry. Her counsel and opinion are sought by publications, clients, and industry leaders. She is a frequent contributor to healthcare marketing industry publications and organizations.

Lorna believes, “It is important to remain curious and committed to continuous learning and improvement. While these have been drivers and a passion throughout my career, they seem even more important today, given the pace and scope of change and disruption our business faces. I believe this focus will help ensure we keep a forward view of our business needs and opportunities, as well as ensure I am able to help our staff continue to excel professionally.”

As cofounder and managing partner of Elevate Healthcare, Lorna leads a multidisciplinary team specializing in understanding, informing, and translating commercial business objectives into actionable marketing strategies. Managing a successful agency today is more challenging than ever. It requires a combination of category expertise, talent, and the ability to act at an ever-accelerating, often blistering, pace. The pace of business is quickening, and even the cadence of building out campaigns has changed.

Frank X. Powers, cofounder of Elevate, said, “Clients come here to disrupt the status quo, compel an action, inspire belief, and face a market challenge head-on. Lorna continuously delivers solutions across multiple channels and industries to help our customers break through the market.”

Lorna helped lead Elevate Healthcare to 33% growth in 2021—reaching the next inflection point of the agency’s business, a milestone of surpassing $10M in billings with just over 50 employees in just the 6th year, which is remarkable for a from-the-ground-up independent agency. Additionally, Elevate was named Small Healthcare Agency of the Year by MM+M for the second year in a row, and Lorna is quite proud of Elevate’s perennial designations as a “Best Place to Work” in pharma marketing and also a “Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania.”

Throughout her career, Lorna has embodied everything a TITAN 100 should be. Her leadership, vision, and passion are unparalleled in the industry. Lorna’s industry accolades also include “the big three” healthcare career honors: PharmaVoice100, PM360 ELITE, and the MM+M Hall of Femme.

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