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Elevate Creative Director Paul Wesemann named as PM360 Elite

Creative Director Paul Wesemann

Elevate Creative Director Paul Wesemann named as PM360 Elite

Creating Powerful Campaigns and Lasting Relationships

Consider what it means to be among the elite in your craft—and everything it takes to earn that status. Significant effort is required, and the price of entry is a career-long track record of consistent excellence. Paul Wesemann, Elite Elevate Creative Director, has both added to the pantheon of top industry leaders and pacesetters by PM360, a leading healthcare marketing publication.

From his start as a designer working at ATD American and Unreal Marketing, progressing as he gained elite-level industry experience with increasingly ascending responsibilities at Aptus Health, Dudnyk, Rosetta, and Cadient, and through his journey to Creative Director at Elevate Healthcare, Paul has always been on that path to Elite status.

Paul has helped his agencies develop award-winning campaigns at every turn, finding innovative ways to advance the work and shaping big strategic ideas into amazing creative expression. Meanwhile, he has also played a major role in the business and talent development of Elevate from its beginnings to its current success.

“In over 20 years of knowing and working with him, I have learned to never underestimate Paul’s talent. Just when I think he has shown us everything, he surprises us by kicking into an even higher gear in strategy, creative direction, and dedication to client success.”
—Barry Schmader, Elevate Chief Creative Officer and former Elite honoree

Along with his impressive creative skills, Paul is an outstanding mentor. One facet of his leadership involves reaching out to and developing young talent, helping a long list of them get their successful start in healthcare advertising or reach the next level in their careers. Paul has a history of helping ideas fly higher, and his enviable skillset provides Elevate with a creative leader who knows what goes into campaigns that make a difference and can pass that skill on to others. Creative Director, mentor, Elevate’s X factor. All this makes Paul an Elite creative director, which his colleagues have known all along.

Congratulations to Paul on a well-deserved honor. View Paul and the rest of the 2024 Elite award winners at the official PM360 Awards website.

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