Elevate Featured in PharmaVoice

The implementation of digital technologies will have a great impact on the way pharma marketers engage with both patients and healthcare professionals. 

That is the thesis shared by the leading life sciences industry publication PharmaVOICE in its feature article, “A Call for Commercial Transformation,” featuring Elevate’s practice lead, customer innovation and planning, Heather Aton.

The article explores how digital technology impacts the commercial process and industry experts share what is effective now in terms of the rapidly evolving commercial model.

“To be more specific, implementation of these digital technologies will mean eliminating repetitive tasks for marketers so they can focus on bigger ideas, more meaningful emails, better targeting, reduction of human error, robust data-driven lead development, multichannel marketing excellence, and truly differentiated marketing experiences,” shares Ms. Aton.

According to Publicis Health, upcoming technologies that include IoT (Internet of Things) and IoNT (Internet of Nano Things) and blockchain will require the healthcare industry to fundamentally change how it discovers and patents new products and how it identifies patients and measures outcomes.

“However, in their marketing efforts, pharma companies are still experiencing a lot of digital transformation and greater change is still required to truly deliver on all the possibilities for technology,” Ms. Aton says. “Pharma marketers must accept and enable this change. They will need to challenge barriers, explore nontraditional capabilities, and pursue new operating models to drive solutions.”

Head to PharmaVOICE to read the full article and learn how Elevate is using technology to help shape commercial transformation on behalf of our pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device clients.

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