Elevate Healthcare Marketing



Five years ago, Frank X. Powers and Lorna Weir sat in her dining room, discussing their vision for an agency unlike any other. They knew the best solutions for clients could be achieved more efficiently and successfully with a leaner, more experienced, senior team of strategists who bring immediate value in a highly focused manner. That’s how Elevate was founded.

Then came the focus on specialty healthcare challenger brands and finding ways to overcome assumptions, perceptions, complacency, or even internal obstacles. The challenger brands needed a champion, an agency partner that would disrupt expectations and create change. That’s how Elevate raised marketing efforts.

Looking back on the agency’s origins, cofounder Frank X. Powers said, “I’m proud of the accomplishments from the early days of Elevate. It set us on the path to success and helped forge Elevate into the kind of agency the healthcare landscape needed.”

Impactful marketing efforts lead to more client partners. Working through hurdles and capturing the market takes teamwork. Delivering creative, resources, educational materials, and anything in between means sharing the same goal of making a difference. Elevate wants the work to stand out, demand attention, and capture the market. We join forces with all of our client partners to do exactly that and consistently produce award-winning work. That’s how Elevate was named Agency of the Year.

Over these 5 years, the agency has continued to grow with more talent. It has become more than an agency: it’s become a place where people deliver amazing ideas together. Where people create and collaborate, and leadership invests in the team around them. Where life-changing moments are celebrated together. That’s how Elevate became one of the Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania.

Looking ahead to the agency’s future, cofounder Lorna Weir said, “It’s hard to believe it’s only been 5 years. We’ve got such an incredible team at Elevate that keeps getting bigger and better. We’ve added new skill sets, we’re constantly looking for new ways to develop, and we can’t wait to see what the next 5 years will look like.”

Thank you to every employee, client, and person who has shaped Elevate into an agency with huge ideas and a family with huge hearts. Congratulations on 5 years!