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Medical Marketing + Media (MM+M) recently released the annual Agency 100 list, noting the top agencies in healthcare and biopharmaceutical marketing. The Agency 100 is considered the premier showcase of the healthcare marketing industry. Elevate Healthcare has made the Top 100 every year the agency has operated, with 2022 marking the 7th time in a row. Elevate saw revenue shoot up 33% to $10.2 million in 2021.

As part of recognizing the top 100 most influential healthcare marketing companies in their Top 100 Storytellers issue, MM+M challenged agencies to create a book cover that perfectly tells their “story.” Elevate’s The Worst Case Scenario: Handbook for Healthcare Challenger Brands represents the Elevate mission of being the champion for challenger brands, conveys the deep understanding of the unique circumstances and difficult environment these brands face—and offers solutions to help.

Frank Powers, Managing Partner, and Cofounder expands, “We responded to MM+M’s ’assignment’ with this book idea to remind people of Elevate’s superpower—acting as Survival guide for brands with challenges that need to be overcome on the way to reaching their full potential. We’re in some crazy times, and frankly, just about every brand is a challenger brand that could use some guidance right now.”

Elevate understands the challenges its clients face, especially right now. It’s more important than ever to help a brand find its essence and communicate it in a way that changes existing behaviors, motivates action, corrects misperceptions, or establishes a powerful position that accentuates the unique thing about what that therapy, or device, or technology can bring to the table to benefit patients and healthcare professionals.

Lorna Weir, Elevate Cofounder, explains the Elevate success “story” succinctly. “We approach the health of our clients’ brands like it’s our mission, helping them identify the challenges they need to overcome, devise strategies that help them survive, and build brand identities that powerfully project their strengths and value. It’s not complicated, but it’s not easy. We’ve built a team of experts who are specialists in helping brands not just survive but thrive in challenging environments—like the one we’re all in right now.”

Along with the Agency 100 recognition, the company was featured in the MM+M Storycast where MM+M Editor-at-large Marc Iskowitz interviewed Elevate Cofounders Frank X. Powers and Lorna Weir. Listen to Frank and Lorna share the story of Elevate and what its next chapter may look like.

Many thanks to MM+M for the recognition. See more about the Agency 100 here.