Elevate Healthcare Marketing

2022 APEX Award Winner



The Elevate team focuses on delivering the best communication for healthcare challenger brands with healthcare providers (HCPs) being the primary audience. So when the very group of people you’re trying to reach recognizes your work as outstanding, it means something special. Elevate had 4 campaigns named as finalists in the 2022 Pharmaceutical Executive APEX Awards, the only annual award show judged by a healthcare professional audience. With 19 specialized categories, the APEX Awards recognize the best and brightest campaigns in the healthcare marketing world. Elevate’s nominated work includes the VELYS™ Robotic-Assisted Solution “Simplicity” campaign for DePuy Synthes in Devices–Branded category; the NATACYN® “Confidence Delivered” campaign for Santen USA in Ophthalmology–Branded category; the AMELUZ® “Danger Lurks Below” campaign for Biofrontera in Aesthetics/Dermatology–Branded category; and the ACCRUFeR® “Hemoglobin Rising” campaign for Shield Therapeutics was the award-winner in Women’s Health–Branded category.

Elevate Chief Creative Officer Barry Schmader said, “We don’t set out to win creative awards, we aim to create work that changes a mindset or shifts the market for our clients. But being nominated for APEX Awards means the HCP audience we target is engaging with and reacting positively to our client brands, and that’s the goal.”

With one word, the VELYS Robot “Simplicity” campaign breaks away from other robotic surgical systems on the market. Encouraging orthopedic surgeons to enter the next chapter of robotics, the campaign communicates how VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution brings simplicity to the table, literally, with a less onerous OR table-side setup and a smaller footprint that surgeons need. The campaign speaks to what is not available with current systems and how the effort and investment in older, cumbersome technology could be avoided.

It is crucial that NATACYN® (natamycin ophthalmic suspension) 5% is quickly accessible to all who need it. The “Confidence Delivered” campaign is unique because instead of focusing on the efficacy and brand claims, it focuses on access and swift product delivery, highlighting how quickly a solution can be made available to those who urgently need help with this rare disease.

In developing the “Danger Lurks Below” campaign, our client needed professionals to understand the positive impact of treating with AMELUZ® (aminolevulinic acid HCl) topical gel, 10%, when it comes to subclinical actinic keratosis (AK) lesions. The campaign creates a greater sense of urgency around the treatment of AK and the need to address AK lesions sooner by leveraging the strong clinical data of AMELUZ®.

The winning ACCRUFeR® (ferric maltol) campaign “Hemoglobin Rising” centers around representing efficient elevation of hemoglobin levels with oral iron that most healthcare professionals thought to be more myth than reality. Developed for the women’s health segment, the arresting imagery of an iron mermaid rising from the depths of iron deficiency, elevating the red blood cells with her tail, is a nod to the impressive and very real efficacy of ACCRUFeR®.

By more deeply engaging HCPs, all of these campaigns have left positive impressions on the industry. A big “thank you” goes to all of our client partners, who make it possible for the Elevate team to create such amazing and effective brand work. These 4 nominations would not be possible without them wanting to elevate the expectations of what healthcare marketing can be.

For more about the APEX Awards, visit their site.