Elevate Healthcare Marketing



Building an award-winning agency starts with your employees, because you can’t be one of the best places to work if not for the people who work there. These 4 women have helped shape Elevate into the incredible company it is today, each contributing across multiple disciplines but all sharing the same goal of producing outstanding work for our clients. Elevate is the challenger brand champion but also a champion for women in leadership roles. These 4 promotions are a step toward a future with more female leadership at Elevate.

Renée Watson has been promoted to Group Account Supervisor. Renee does it all, managing everything for her brands from—finances to strategic partnerships across multiple divisions. Renée spearheaded one of the biggest launches in our agency’s history and seamlessly navigated the expected and unexpected challenges that came with a project of that size. It showcased her ability to perform under pressure, and each day her relationships with teammates and client partners strengthened. Renée rises to each occasion and provides strong leadership to the Elevate team, clients, and agency partners.

Scott Harper, VP, Client Engagement, said, “Renée is an integral part of the team responsible for overseeing a plethora of initiatives while knowing the details inside and out. She keeps everything on track and elevates her team around her.”

The second promotion was Basma Abouelenein to Sr. Creative Manager, Client Delivery. This newly created role allows Basma to utilize her varied creative skill set to collaborate with all teams across Elevate. She’s going to be even more hands-on with the production of all projects from initiation to execution. Basma is team-oriented, and her collaborative nature makes her ideal for this role.

Erin Hlivia, VP, Client Delivery, said, “Basma’s unmatched attention to detail and process makes her a technical, creative, and operational asset this company can’t be without.”

The third promotion was for Lexi Sers, now an Associate Art Director. If you want design with the hottest trends, look no further than Lexi. It might be because she’s a volunteer firefighter, but she’s always ready to jump in at a moment’s notice. She is a dynamic digital designer, treating every screen like a canvas and allowing her brand’s creative to stand out. Lexi’s dedication to her craft is always growing.

Tara Powers, VP, Creative Director, said, “Lexi is a true asset. She is dedicated and hard-working with a thirst for all things digital and staying on top of the latest trends and programs. She’ll run with anything put in front of her.”

The fourth promotion was for Jenna Logan to Manager, Client Delivery. Jenna continues to grow as a project manager every day, keeping every project she looks after on track. She helped coordinate a full-scale product launch and ensured that every deadline was hit, every milestone was attained, and every teammate was happy. Working with Jenna means you know that project is in very capable hands. Everyone is very proud of the progress she has made in her time at Elevate.

Nick Stackhouse, Senior Manager, Client Delivery, said, “The best project managers are those that keep you organized, on task, and motivated. Jenna demonstrates all those talents effortlessly and does it all by leading through laughter.”

To see these 4 women making a difference and shaping our industry is inspiring. Their teammates know they can rely on this incredibly talented group. True greatness is a team effort, and having a team with Renée, Basma, Lexi, and Jenna is an excellent foundation.

Congratulations to all! We can’t wait to see what comes next.