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The Greatest Creators is an annual section in the PM360 magazine that highlights the top creators and creative work over the past year. This year, the section explores creative process across pharmaceutical companies and agencies that offer new takes on trends in creativity. Elevate is thrilled to announce 4 honorees to be included on this year’s list, including the Aspen Green creative campaign as well as creatives Tara Powers, Steven Goldstein, and Andrew Stuber.

The Aspen Green creative campaign was created with the goal of reflecting the brand’s commitment to offering top-quality CBD products that incorporate science and innovation. And it’s proven to not only elevate the company’s sales but also turn heads. The campaign won multiple awards in 2020, including the inaugural PM360 Best Natural Product Brand.

Tara Powers has been an anchor for Elevate, and that has been doubly true throughout the pandemic. Tara has proven that a shift in working conditions has no bearing on the quality of creative work. As the leader of the creative department at Elevate, Tara is as reliable as ever, inspiring others to drive work forward and redefine the boundaries of creativity. Her acumen is acknowledged in this issue, with her providing some perspective on why she found Match.com’s “When Satan Met 2020” to be the most effective advertising during the pandemic.

Steven Goldstein has been indispensable to Elevate. As the leading copywriter at the agency, Steven offers much more than sharp-witted ideas. He is adept at identifying the underlying motivations that drive strategy and revealing them to his teams. His unique gifts have allowed the agency to continue operating at high levels, especially during the pandemic. He also has an eye for what makes effective messaging, which is why he was highlighted in this issue for his opinions on why the Mental Health Coalition’s “#EFF2020: A Holiday Campaign” turned a lot of heads.

Andrew Stuber, Senior Art Director, is a gifted designer—on and off the clock. In his free time, Andrew hosts a game of Dungeons and Dragons, in which he not only excels at telling stories, but immerses his players in a world of his creation. All the more impressively, he does this through airbrushing figurines with a mixture of acrylic inks and paints. His recent painting of a Purple Worm (or Goremaw) is just one example of his talent, which is being featured in PM360.

Lorna Weir, co-founder of Elevate said, “To see such a range of our creative talent being showcased is incredibly humbling. Internally, it’s easy for us to recognize the contributions of these creatives. But see them spotlighted by PM360—it’s really something special. Congrats to all the honorees!”

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