Elevate Healthcare Marketing



Elevate is starting the year off right as we were announced winners of three Pharma Choice Awards. Since the Pharma Choice Awards are voted on by the members of the healthcare marketing industry, winning means that much more since it was our peers who recognized our great work.

For 11 years, the Pharma Choice Awards have been the only in the industry that allow everyone an opportunity to decide who wins. More than 7,000 votes total were cast to decide this year’s winners.

“The best judge for whether a campaign is creative, clever, or award-worthy is someone who knows what goes into crafting a campaign and what it takes to make it great, so what better way to decide the year’s best creative than giving the thousands of people who do that work a chance to cast their vote,” said Anna Stashower, CEO/Publisher, PM360.

“Stop the Sting” for SYNERA won gold in the Professional Print Campaign category, and our two silver wins were for Philanthropic with our “Light in the Darkness” work for Foundation Fighting Blindness and for Self promotion with our “Welcome to the Jungle” campaign.

“Stop the Sting” placed in the top 3 for overall votes, earning itself a spot on the cover of the issue. Tara Powers, VP, Creative Director, said, “To see SYNERA win at the Pharma Choice Awards is truly special because it’s a bold campaign and a strong direction that our whole team believed in. Seeing the rest of the industry think the same thing is a wonderful feeling.”

At Elevate we try to create the kind of work that makes an impact and demands attention. Thank you to all who voted for the winners, validating the need for bold and thought-provoking creative. Congratulations to everyone at Elevate who helped create these award-winning campaigns. and here’s to a 2020 full of more amazing accomplishments!