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Creating an educational experience through interconnectivity

PM360 challenged its readers to share an example of interconnectivity for their Campaigns Come Alive feature. Melissa Maten, Group Copy Supervisor, shared how Jerry the Bear not only uses technology, but also finds a better way to connect and resonate with children with diabetes. Instead of using traditional methods, Sproutel developed Jerry the Bear to help children with type 1 diabetes learn how to care for themselves. Jerry, a stuffed animal, has sensors that children can scan on an app to help them check his blood sugar, recognize symptoms, inject insulin, and “feed” him the right foods for diabetes

The idea behind this technology was to find a way to help children understand their diabetes. By letting them care for Jerry, children are able to gain a sense of responsibility and learn what goes into their daily life living with diabetes.

Melissa Maten shared, “As technology continues to be used in healthcare, we can’t lose sight of purposeful executions. Innovation is often viewed as costly and flashy-and although those ideas may be eye-catching and push the boundaries of our industry, it’s about more than that.”

In any disease state, there could be a number of brands competing for market share-similar efficacy, administration, and cost. So, the challenge quickly becomes how to differentiate. Instead of focusing only on product benefits, the focus should be answering a problem in the market. Jerry the Bear broke free of conventional tactics and found a way to connect to the audience in a way they are already used to learning-through their toys.

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