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Elevate’s Thomson featured in PM360 on HCP Engagement in the New Normal

How life sciences companies can create compelling and memorable work

The new normal needs new approaches. PM360 Magazine called on its readers to offer insights about the lasting impact of the pandemic on healthcare provider (HCP) engagement. Mike Thomson, Copy Supervisor, was featured in the article and shared ideas about the future of the industry.

Life sciences companies need to invigorate their strategies: the key to reaching HCPs is developing immersive, doctor-centric digital experiences. Instead of reps hoping for a five-minute chat in a crowded convention hall, we can create a brand experience that redefines HCP engagement.

Thomson said, “By utilizing WebVR, immersion occurs directly in the HCP’s browser. MOA demos transform into breathtaking innovation showcases. Live webinars can again feel like true theater experiences. KOLs from around the world can lead hands-on walkthroughs, allowing HCPs to participate and practice new techniques.”

Creating exciting digital platforms encourages education and engagement while remaining a 24/7 brand touchpoint. It’s time to think bigger than ever. Effectively reaching HCPs in the future means creating interactive environments that allow life sciences to be more digital, personalized, and convenient. As the landscape of healthcare evolves, so must the standards of the brand experience.

Read the full article at PM360 here.

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