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Since 2009, PM360 has hosted the annual Trailblazer Awards to honor the most outstanding healthcare marketers and promotional work. Building off of last year’s Trailblazer Award win for Self-Promotion, Elevate has won the first ever Trailblazer Award for Best Natural Product for Aspen Green. This new category was created to honor the branding of products that serve as an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals, that communicate to doctors and consumers, and that capture the overall brand identity with packaging, design, and creative.

Additionally, Elevate is a finalist for 3 Initiative Awards, including Professional Campaign for SIGNIFOR® LAR by Recordati Rare Diseases, Professional Website for Staccato® One Breath Technology™ by Alexza Pharmaceuticals, and Sales Aid for HyberRAB® (rabies immune globulin [human]) by Grifols. This is the second award Elevate has taken home for its work on Aspen Green this year; the first was for package design from Graphic Design USA. Elevate is extremely proud of this accomplishment and is honored for the opportunity to set the bar for this newly created award category.

Elevate co-founder Lorna Weir said, “This is a testament to our ability to keep science, innovation, and strategy at the forefront of our work. We couldn’t have done it without the collaborative relationships we’ve forged with our clients.”

The “Help Settle the Storm” campaign has made a big impact for orphan brand SIGNIFOR® LAR—not only in terms of communicating the brand story but as a potential award winner for the agency. The campaign is also currently short-listed for a 2020 MM&M award, which was only possible through a client partnership built on trust, fearlessness, and a willingness to be bold.

Like the Aspen Green campaign, the website for Staccato® One Breath Technology™ won an award at the Graphic Design USA’s Web Design Awards earlier this year. The “Unleash the Speed” campaign came to life through the website, which was designed with simplicity and technology in mind—like the Staccato platform. To win a Trailblazer Award would further validate the efforts made by the team as well as Elevate’s marketing colleagues at Alexza Pharmaceuticals.

As one of the primary conduits of the “Deliver More” campaign, the sales aid for HyberRAB® grabs attention with its striking visuals and streamlined storytelling, keeping rabies protection top-of-mind. Just as the sales aid delivers on the brand’s promise, Elevate hopes it can deliver just as strongly in its award category for itself and the team at Grifols.

The team is thrilled to be recognized by PM360 and hopes to continue proving that boundaries are meant for expanding, especially in the case of challenger brands.

For more information on the PM360 2020 Trailblazer Awards, click here.

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