How to Build a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Elevate's Scott Harper Shares How to Create A Comprehensive Marketing Blueprint

Blue Bell, PA July 21, 2018

In the feature article of the June edition of PM360, Elevate’s Scott Harper crafted “How to Build A Comprehensive Marketing Plan” featuring the 5 main components of today’s modern marketing plan. Scott begins: 

“So what are the new must-haves in a marketing plan? Truth be told, the basic tenets of a great marketing plan haven’t changed all that much over time. Even the most disruptive companies in the new economy (think Airbnb, Lyft, and Amazon), work within the construct of a formal marketing plan. The difference is that these companies have built-in flexibility to leverage opportunities as they go, even if they aren’t always part of the original plan. The idea is if you look at your marketing plan like a roadmap, when the landscape of opportunity changes, you don’t have to throw out the whole map, just change the direction.”

Tapping into his vast experience, Scott provides a guide that product managers (and even more seasoned marketers) can use to the assemble the elements necessary to build a better marketing plan roadmap for today—and into the future. Through following each of the “five commandments” outlined—the must-haves of a marketing plan—this guidance can help create an environment for success for both marketers and their brands. He encourages to use them as a guide or template, but wisely counsels to leave room in plans to move beyond the basics and build in next-level thinking that gives the plan flexibility, sustainability, and creativity.

Click here to read the entire article of Scott shares how to create a comprehensive marketing blueprint at PM360.


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