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December 12, 2019

Elevate founding partner Lorna Weir was highlighted in PM360 Magazine, answering questions for their special feature article, “Trendsetter”. Lorna is an ideal candidate for a Trendsetter focus; she pushes the entire agency to think bigger and try to break new ground. In the distinguished feature, Lorna talked about the origins of Elevate, the agency’s success and how to sustain it, and she offered advice to healthcare marketers.

On how she and Frank X. Powers got together to start the agency, Lorna said, “Our shared passion for brand strategy first brought us together 20 years ago, and it’s what makes us click today. We met behind the glass on a research project and connected immediately based on our love for branding and creative thinking. After rising together through the agency ranks, starting Elevate Healthcare was the logical next step for us to work together, get back to working directly with clients to build success, and have fun while we’re at it.”

Lorna spoke about how the goal at Elevate is to disrupt the biopharma and med device market through marketing strategy, and how it’s important to not just have big, bold creative solutions, but to also help clients effectively deliver that work to the sales team so they can successfully deploy it in the field. That’s what will help make the intended impact.

Lorna said, “Along with helping to effectively pass the baton from marketing to sales, we stay intimately involved in the critical aspects of our clients’ business, from guidance in market research, to planning and presenting, to specialized tactics, and more.”

Having someone like Lorna leading Elevate means we have someone who knows the importance of understanding the industry trends and setting new ones. Read the whole article by visiting PM360 here.

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