Elevate Healthcare Marketing

MAHF Future Gamer



Elevate is focused on shaping future of our industry and making a positive impact. Everyone at the agency shares that same goal, working together to achieve greater successes each year. Melissa Maten, ACD, Copy, is a shining example of the Elevate spirit. During her time at the agency, she has grown from creative team standout to a collaborative and thoughtful leader. Melissa has been instrumental in Elevate’s accomplishments, always supporting her teammates and pushing ideas further to become mindset-changing creative. In an industry where leadership roles have been dominated by men, Melissa is one of the many women at Elevate leading the charge to change the future.

Every year, the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame (MAHF) recognizes future leaders who embody the culture of their companies. The 2022 meeting will name the latest honorees of their “Future Famer” award, which Melissa will earn this year. No stranger to award wins, this one is particularly fitting for Melissa because she is a huge proponent of Elevate’s culture.

Frank X. Powers, Elevate co-founder, said, “From her first day, Melissa has been a difference-maker at the agency. From internal initiatives to client projects, she takes everything she works on to a higher level. We’re proud of everything she has done and know that the best is yet to come.”

The MAHF could not have picked a better person than Melissa. If you asked everybody at Elevate who represents the future of advertising, Melissa would come to everyone’s minds. She works with senior leadership on agency communications, promotion, and social media. Day to day, Melissa leads within the creative department, managing a group of business and copy team. She oversees multiple brands and has helped clients with websites, videos, virtual experiences, campaigns, and much more, including the biggest launch in the agency’s history. Like any great Hall of Fame career, Melissa makes her team around her better, and Elevate is incredibly lucky to have such a talent.

Barry Schmader, Elevate’s Chief Creative Officer, said, “I’ve watched Melissa take the next step in her career toward greatness. Then another. And another. She is the definition of a creative leader, forging her own way forward and lifting others as she goes. That ability seems to come naturally to Melissa and seems to get stronger every year.”

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