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The 7 Questions of Creativity

Jeff Leisawitz is an award-winning musician/ producer, a critically acclaimed author and internationally distributed filmmaker who has devoted his life to creativity. As the guy behind Electron Love Theory, Jeff fused interviews with Seattle’s WTO demonstrators into electronic music, garnering more than a quarter million downloads worldwide. Jeff has released five studio albums and has landed thousands of music placements in film, TV and multimedia for clients like HBO, MTV, Discovery, Microsoft, NBC and many others. Jeff recently sat down with Elevate Founding Partner, Frank X. Powers, and explored the 7 Questions of Creativity.

Elevate Named as a Top Innovative Startup

PM360 Recognizes Elevate Healthcare for Disrupting the Status Quo of the Agency Model

What if you were able to take one of the key principles of the peer–to-peer commerce model—a streamlined yet robust interface between individuals to accomplish mutual business goals—and apply it to an agency model? Elevate Healthcare Marketing is doing just that.

Want to Listen Better? Ask the Right Questions

The tidal wave of big change in digital technologies saturated the pharma world by giving patients access to more information than they’d ever had, or maybe could even handle. Before that, pharma companies and marketers focused on the healthcare professional audience, and their efforts didn’t necessarily have to accommodate patient opinion–or their feelings and concerns over treatment. Things have clearly changed.

Tamborello Appointed Executive Director, HR & Workplace Operations

Joins Former Colleagues in Building a Unique Mission-Based Culture Dedicated to Elevating Healthcare Marketing

Elevate Healthcare Marketing announced today that Lisa Tamborello, PHR, has joined as Executive Director, Human Resources & Workplace Operations. In this role, Tamborello will assume leadership of the company’s human resources team and all aspects of its workplace operations.

Citybizlist sits down with Frank Powers, Founding Partner of Elevate Healthcare

A Video Conversation about Elevating, Liberating, and Motivating Industry Leaders

Frank X. Powers is one of the founding partners of Elevate Healthcare Marketing, a multidisciplinary strategy practice based outside of Philadelphia. Elevate Healthcare specializes in product strategy and communications for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sectors. The firm takes a boundary-pushing, performance-focused approach to marketing and sales activities, with the intention to improve outcomes for caregivers, physicians, and patients.

Elevate Continues Growth with Addition of Chief Scientific Officer

Kathleen Nelson, PhD Brings Specialized Expertise in Oncology and Immuno-Oncology

Elevate Healthcare today announced the appointment of Kathleen Nelson, PhD, as Chief Scientific Officer. Nelson brings more than 20 years of experience in medical education and scientific communications in a variety of settings including major universities, hospitals, and communication agencies.

Elevating Healthcare Through Marketing

Since the mission of Elevate is not just to strategically elevate our clients’ businesses, it is to help elevate healthcare overall, we are always on the prowl for developments, enhancements and trends that do just that. There are multiple ways that healthcare is being elevated, all the time. Some may be obvious but some may surprise you. We’ll report on these periodically—this time up? Marketing.

Hlivia Joins Elevate as Practice Lead, Client Delivery

Rising Star Sets the Bar with Unparalleled Product Quality

Elevate Healthcare Marketing, the strategy practice founded by Frank X. Powers and Lorna Weir, two successful former agency presidents, has announced that 2015 HBA Rising Star Erin Hlivia has joined as Practice Lead, Client Delivery.

Elevate Featured in PharmaVoice

The implementation of digital technologies will have a great impact on the way pharma marketers engage with both patients and healthcare professionals. That is the thesis of leading shared by the leading life sciences industry publication PharmaVOICE in its feature article, "A Call for Commercial Transformation," featuring Elevate's practice lead, customer innovation and planning, Heather Aton.

The Mission to Elevate Health: Part Two

For the history of modern medicine, the driving force behind the vast leaps forward in medicine and healthcare has been improved education in medical schools producing brilliant physicians, surgeons, nurses, and medical researchers. But there has been a dramatic shift over the last few decades. It is now medical technology that far and away has been connected to virtually every important development elevating healthcare.

MM&M recognizes Elevate as a Top 100 Healthcare Agency

Unique Industry Model Garnering Attention

There's a reason MM&M hasn't traditionally featured nascent agencies in this issue: Getting up and running ain't easy, and getting traction with clients is even harder. Given the leaders involved, however, it's hard to harbor any such doubts about Elevate Healthcare.

Elevate’s Chief Creative Officer Appointed to Judge 2016 MM&M Awards

Barry Schmader to Serve as Live Juror

Elevate Healthcare, the multidisciplinary strategy practice specializing in shaping and translating product objectives into actionable sales and marketing strategies, today announced Chief Creative Officer Barry Schmader has been selected as a juror for the 2016 MM&M Awards.

Reality, Immersion, and the Future of Healthcare

There is no question regarding the impact of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) on healthcare. AR and VR continue to revolutionize the way we study, teach, practice, and communicate in medicine. As multi-layered technologies refine and expand, the idea of Mixed Reality resurfaces as the umbrella encompassing all the possibilities for immersive experiences.

The Mission to Elevate Health: Part One

Technology is a Key Factor Elevating Healthcare and Medicine For the history of modern medicine, the driving force behind the vast leaps forward in medicine and healthcare has been improved education in medical schools producing brilliant physicians, surgeons, nurses, and medical researchers. But there has been a dramatic shift over the last few decades.

4 Reasons Why Product Incubation Is Critical for Healthcare Marketers

Product incubation is just as important in marketing and commercialization as it is in research and development. It stokes creativity and innovation everywhere. Without these, curiosity goes latent, and business is relegated to exploitation, the kind that may produce revenue for a time but offers diminishing returns to its people, its users, its true potential, and in turn, its legacy.

Elevate’s Barry Schmader Named One of the 2016 PM360 ELITE 100

Creative talent honored for his significant impact on the healthcare industry

PM360, the premier information resource for marketing decision makers in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, has named Barry Schmader, Chief Creative Officer, Elevate Healthcare, as one of the 2016 PM360 ELITE 100. Now in its second year, the PM360 ELITE (Exceptional • Leaders • Innovators • Transformers • Entrepreneurs) represent the most influential people in the healthcare industry today.

Healthcare Creative Innovator Barry Schmader Joins Elevate

Reuniting with former colleagues

Elevate Healthcare Marketing, the strategy practice founded by two successful former agency presidents Frank X. Powers and Lorna Weir, has announced that healthcare advertising industry icon Barry Schmader has been hired as Chief Creative Officer. Schmader joins Weir and Powers, both former colleagues, just as Elevate is accelerating its trajectory to be one of the fastest growing healthcare strategy practices in the industry.

Healthcare Is Ripe for Disintermediation

There is no question that disintermediation has affected nearly every major industry in our country. Uber took share from taxis. Netflix cut off Blockbuster at the knees. Amazon disintermediated traditional brick-and-mortar selling, which created the now commonplace practice of showrooming.

Powers and Weir Team Up to Launch Elevate Healthcare Marketing

Industry veterans inaugurate innovative strategy practice

Why are two uber-successful former agency presidents Frank X. Powers and Lorna Weir launching a new venture—yet going about things in a very atypical, un-agency way? Because they believe that truly helping clients raise the value of their offerings in the dynamic world of healthcare now demands a different type of collaboration.