Elevate Healthcare Marketing


Elevate's VP, Creative Director, Talks Inspiration and Doing What She Loves

When it comes to any kind of advertising, the creative director is who everyone turns to. They look for leadership, or advice, or concepting, or for someone to find that unique idea that will turn good creative into something amazing. Being a creative director takes a certain kind of person, and being a creative director who leads award-winning campaigns takes a person like Tara Powers. Elevate’s VP, Creative Director, was profiled for “Chops” on MM&M’s website. Steve Madden, editor-in-chief for MM&M, recently started Chops, a column about creative work and the people who make it. While he says the best creative work should stand on its own and speak for itself, Madden wants to highlight the backstory, and the story of the person and teams behind the work. Tara shares her story in the feature, talking about her role at the agency, how she wound up in healthcare advertising and her career journey, some creative work she is especially proud of, and much more.

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