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January 3, 2020

Med Ad News—the leading pharmaceutical business and marketing publication—gave voice to last year’s Manny Award-winning agencies in the December 2019 issue. Executives from those agencies were asked to provide insights and predictions on emerging healthcare topics. As a nominee for the 2019 Manny Award for Agency on the Rise, Elevate Healthcare Marketing was invited to participate and our very own Creative Director of Copy, Steven Goldstein, shared his thoughts on the topic of healthcare technology and data, and how its perpetual evolutions are advancing the quality and speed with which individuals’ unique healthcare needs are identified, assessed, and addressed.

In the article, Steven recognized how the analog landscape of healthcare past has given way to heavy reliance on technology and data by way of electronic medical records, integrated tech, apps, and Al, to name a few examples. Steven offered a look ahead at what he calls perhaps the most important change in the lifetime of humanity.

On the trends and developments that might shake up the healthcare marketplace, Steven said, “Perhaps the most important change is the digitization of healthcare. Data are transforming the quality, immediacy, and relevancy of our understanding, decision-making, and actions. The high quality and accuracy of the insights identified will affect every individualized medical decision patients and their providers will make from here forward.” 

Steven elaborated on these data trends, saying, “This type of real-time monitoring, assessment, and feedback using sensors, analytics, and telemedicine to deliver customized, personalized, medical responsiveness is changing healthcare forever. Medical treatment has gone from educated guesswork to accurately informed …old, slow, wait-based healthcare is a thing of the past, and aggressive, informed response is here.”

Even outside of healthcare, there is widespread customization and personalization in daily living. Curated social feeds, recommended videos, subscription services for niche interests, everyday items like iPhones and FitBits, and a reservoir of data that reveals a person’s behaviors, wants, and needs down to their every minute-every part of our lives is now informing and influencing change on some level. This is especially true for healthcare.

As the lead for copy, Steven uses his 20+ years of experience to help the team identify insights and bold creative solutions clients have come to expect from Elevate. The healthcare marketplace is evolving and changing, and Steven’s future-forward thinking helps Elevate provide cutting-edge work for our clients, keeping them one step ahead.

Read the whole article by visiting Med Ad News here.

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