The Creative Process


The impact of digital is raising the bar on today’s creative process. That is the editorial this month posed by the leading life sciences industry publication PharmaVOICE in its feature, “The Creative Process,” highlighting Elevate’s Chief Creative Officer, Barry Schmader. The article explores how digital technology has changed the creative process and industry experts share what is effective in 2017 when building creative campaigns.

“As marketing in the digital space becomes more immediate and even faster, we need to fight the urge to truncate the creative process, or it will have a major impact on the brand,” Mr. Schmader says. “As creatives, we have never had more platforms at our disposal to build, execute, and optimize digital experiences. It’s tough — but necessary — to keep up and stay ahead of the curve.”

Digital has evolved from an add-on channel to becoming incorporated into pharma campaigns from the get-go, and this new practice has greatly influenced the creative process.

“However, today the core brand idea must translate powerfully into a 1,334 x 750 pixel canvas,” he says. “Therefore, careful thought is required whether the brand and the concept will travel responsibly throughout the digital ecosystem.”

Head to PharmaVOICE to read the full article and learn about how Elevate is pushing the boundaries of creativity in the healthcare space.


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