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Residual tumor has nowhere to hide See more respect more

The first and only FDA-approved optical imaging agent for high-grade gliomas

Gleolan illuminate resect real-time

High-grade glioma is a common and deadly primary brain tumor. Bulk tumors grow insidiously, in and around healthy brain tissue. Resection of malignant glioma is a critical part of the treatment plan, and neurosurgeons try to optimize extent of resection (EOR) by removing as much malignant tissue as possible while also preserving healthy, eloquent brain tissue that affects neurological, cognitive, and motor function.

To achieve an optimal EOR, the neurosurgeon needs a visualization tool that empowers them to clearly visualize where tumor tissue ends and healthy tissue begins.

High-Grade Glioma under white light compared to High-Grade Glioma under blue light


The Gleolan campaign taps into the neurosurgeon’s logic and emotion all at once. The monster hands evoke the visceral disdain we all feel for insidious cancer while the headline appeals to their logic: See more. Resect more. White light can’t do this. MRI can’t do this. Only Gleolan illuminates the tumors out to their edges, in real time during the surgery. With Gleolan, glioma tumors truly have nowhere to hide.

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