Elevate Healthcare Marketing

When ECPs See One OTC Drop Differently

Treatment for dry eye disease most often begins with patients treating themselves. By the time they ask their eye care professional (ECP) about it, they’ve already tried some of the many other over-the-counter (OTC) drops. To differentiate new preservative-free iVIZIA from all the others and help ECPs make a confident recommendation, the Covering the Spectrum campaign was born.

In a series of ads, digital experiences, convention presence, and in-office tools, the Covering the Spectrum campaign gave ECPs 6 clear clinical- and patient-focused reasons to recommend iVIZIA, corresponding to each of the colors in their logo and packaging.

The Go-To OTC ECP Choice

Packaging the clinical efficacy evidence in a comprehensive yet digestible format for ECPs was key to driving patient recommendation preference. iVIZIA has robust clinical evidence that can help make it their go-to OTC recommendation.

A central part of the campaign is the sales force materials that give powerful clinical and scientific evidence for the main strategic differentiation of iVIZIA—its unique combination of ingredients designed to address every point in the dry eye circle.

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