Elevate Healthcare Marketing

The healthcare landscape can be complex to navigate, especially in a post-COVID-19 world. Care facilities need a trusted partner with expertise across the entire care continuum. Joerns Healthcare is there to simplify delivery of the best possible care for all patients. With over 130 years of logistical experience and purpose-driven services, Joerns has their people, products, and data work together to help ensure better experiences for patients.


The relaunch of the Joerns brand needed to showcase the idea that Joerns provides the power to simplify care. Joerns' approach to streamlining solutions with future-forward technology and services helps optimize care settings, and the creative needed to position the brand as the post-acute care partner of today and tomorrow. Highlights of the new campaign are the bold black and purple graphics and a more modern feel that still retains the human element since Joerns' best-in-class field service team is at the heart of care delivery. By using the power button as their banner, consumers know that Joerns is connected and ready to help 24/7.

Joerns empowers care:


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The COVID-19 pandemic meant Joerns' communication strategy had to adapt to the new normal. By remaining agile and integrating a larger social presence, Joerns connected to and helped support those on the front line, even if it was contactless. That's the power of Joerns.