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Kevin Pfaff Elevated to Group Art Supervisor

Kevin Pfaff in front of artistic mountain range

Kevin Pfaff Elevated to Group Art Supervisor

We let the people he works with tell the story

“Kevin is a delight to work with, and his brands benefit from his proactive thinking and creative guidance. He is a team player, solution-oriented, and honors all commitments. Kevin has worked hard since coming to Elevate and has been able to manage multiple clients and important work streams.” — Paul Wesemann, Creative Director, Art

“Kevin just gets stuff done. He has a natural ability and keen design eye, and his work ethic is incredible. He’s more than a valuable creative asset, he’s an example of how to do this thing we do on a higher level.” — Barry Schmader, Chief Creative Officer

“His ability to juggle multiple responsibilities with grace and his commitment to delivering quality results for clients and the agency are impressive.” — Frank X. Powers, Cofounder and Managing Partner

As Elevate continues to thrive, so do its people. Kevin is a tremendous example of that, making the most of every opportunity, while demonstrating dedication, excellence, and mentorship that enriches our work—and our workplace.

Kevin is an uber-talented designer, art director, thinker, and creative leader; even more impressive is his dedication to getting the most—and giving the most—out of every day. He’s the first one to log on before the workday even starts, is usually the first one in the office every morning, and is often the last to sign off in the evenings. Not only does Kevin excel in his individual contributions, but he also shines as a mentor to younger staff members. His willingness to impart knowledge and guide others towards success speaks volumes about his leadership qualities. Kevin fosters a collaborative spirit within his teams, which contribute significantly to Elevate’s success. With that combination of skills, positive attitude, and dedication to doing whatever it takes to exceed client expectations, it’s no surprise that Kevin is excelling, and that he is more than worthy of this jump up.

Join us in congratulating Kevin on his hard-earned, well-deserved success.