The Champions for Challenger Brands

Lorna Weir

Founding Partner

Lorna liberates her clients from getting bogged down by the multiple challenges of commercializing and marketing pharmaceutical brands, the usual strategic approaches, or the confines of traditional healthcare marketing thinking. 4 fast facts you should know about Lorna:

  • Started Elevate based on a vision of serving clients’ strategic, business, and commercial aspirations on a higher level than tactical execution
  • A history of pioneering and perfecting the key elements of strategic partnering: analysis of complex market landscapes; providing sound, educated counsel; and being a dedicated, tireless, tenacious advocate for achieving commercial goals
  • A career path that has taken her from Wall Street to law (Weir holds a JD), from business-to-business and consumer marketer to healthcare specialist. Former president of successful healthcare agencies Dudnyk and Vox Medica, and more recently principal of a commercial strategic consulting firm that became the basis for Elevate
  • More than 18 years of experience in healthcare marketing and communications, spanning pharmaceutical, medical devices, and diagnostics across a number of therapeutic areas, including oncology, hematology, medical devices and diagnostics, central nervous system, nephrology, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, cardiovascular, and obstetrics and gynecology

Frank X. Powers

Founding Partner

Frank motivates his team and his clients to find the best in every interaction. The result of that motivational spirit manifests through insightful conversations, lasting contacts, meaningful exchanges, expansive networking, key relationships, breakthrough ideas, and of course, innovative strategies. 4 fast facts you should know about Frank:

  • Founded Elevate, a multidisciplinary strategy practice serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sectors. Elevate specializes in shaping and transforming product objectives into actionable sales and marketing strategies that drive commercial success
  • He has a reputation for outstanding organizational and thought leadership known throughout the industry. He has been honored as a PM360 ELITE Leader and as one of PharmaVoice Magazine’s 100 Most Inspiring People. His marketing opinions and insights are sought by and published in virtually every leading industry trade magazine, including Medical Marketing & Media, Pharmaceutical Executive, Med Ad News, PM360, and PharmaVoice
  • In his former role as president of top independent healthcare agency Dudnyk, Frank led a miraculous transformation from a traditional print-based pharmaceutical ad agency to a multichannel marketing machine. During his tenure, he and his team received all top honors in the industry, including Agency of the Year, Most Creative Agency, and Best Places to Work
  • He has led major strategic initiatives for Nasacort, Taxotere, Avapro, Zocor, Mobic, Nexium, and dozens of other big pharma brands; for consumer and b2b brands like Coke’s Powerade and DuPont’s Tyvek; and for dozens of different biotech and medical device brands

Barry Schmader

Chief Creative Officer

Barry ideates novel strategy approaches, new ways to think about brands, and how to express the creative elements of strategic business solutions.

4 fast facts you should know about Barry:

  • He left the promotional agency world to join Elevate’s multidisciplinary strategy practice so he could be on the leading edge of the healthcare marketing evolution
  • He has more than 30 years of pharmaceutical experience and perspective, yet still approaches every day in marketing like a kid in a candy store, spreading his enthusiasm and pushing creative limits in search of “even sweeter ideas”
  • He is a well-known and recognized creative innovator, a winner of dozens of industry top awards for his ideas and campaigns, including Rx Club Gold Awards, Med Ad News Manny Awards, PM360 Trailblazers, and MM&M Awards. He has been named as one of the 2016 PM360 ELITEPharmaVOICE Magazine’s 100 Most Inspiring People, and featured in PM360 Magazine’s Greatest Creators
  • Former Chief Creative Officer of Dudnyk and the inspiration behind the highly focused and strategic creative work that has become legendary in the healthcare industry. He has created award-winning campaigns for literally hundreds of pharma brands from Altace to Zocor, plus a dizzying array of medical device brands from Cordis to Medtronic to Boston Scientific

Kathleen Nelson, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

In the clinical trial world, the principal investigator assumes full responsibility for the treatment and evaluation of subjects, and for the integrity of the research data and results. In every sense of the word, Kathleen Nelson is our “principal investigator” on all scientific and medical matters, upholding the highest degree of integrity in the data we cite, the clinical relevance of information we convey, and the accuracy of scientific and marketing messages we create on behalf of our clients. Kathy is also one of our principal strategists, helping us all to relentlessly connect the strategy with the science and vice versa. 4 fast facts to know about Kathy:

  • More than 20 years of experience in medical education and scientific communications in a variety of settings including major universities, hospitals, and communication agencies
  • Before Elevate, Kathy served as EVP Scientific Officer at several of the industry’s top pharmaceutical and healthcare communications agencies, including Vox Medica and Dudnyk
  • Formerly a professor in the Biology department at New York University and editor of the Scientific Report at the Fox Chase Cancer Center
  • Kathy holds a PhD in biochemistry from Temple University, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in immunology at Fox Chase Cancer Center