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The Progress Pride Flag

The iconic Pride Rainbow Flag was brought to light by artist Gilbert Baker in 1971, which showcases the following colors and meanings:


The Progress Pride Flag was created by Daniel Quasar (xe/xem) in 2018, adding the following meanings with the colors:

People of Color
The Transgender Community

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Diversity & Inclusion

Elevate Healthcare's commitment to diversity and inclusion is wide-ranging and spans across three pillars: workforce diversity, workforce inclusion, and community outreach.

Workforce Diversity. With the richness of the world around us, it is important that Elevate's workforce reflect a diversity of skills, experiences, thinking, and perspectives.


Workforce Inclusion. Elevate believes in fostering a workplace culture that encourages acceptance, authenticity, collaboration, and flexibility in an effort to enable all employees to contribute to their full potential and that nurtures a sense of belonging.


Community Outreach. By being transparent in our efforts to communicate support for our diversity and inclusion efforts and engaging in the communities in which we serve, Elevate believes we will be able to inspire others and create potential change.


Supplier Diversity. It is the policy of Elevate that, in acquiring goods and services, we maintain an environment that promotes, increases, and improves the quality of the overall participation of a widely diverse group of business enterprises. By working with small and diverse suppliers, we tap into new ideas that promote creative solutions and add value to our programs.