Elevate Healthcare Marketing

Black Lives Matter

Elevate stands in solidarity with the black community because Black Lives Matter. We believe in equality, respect, and dignity. We’ve taken time to reflect and we recognize there is much listening, learning, and action to be taken moving forward. In honor of those who have lost their lives so senselessly, as a first step, we have made a donation to our friends at Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence—who work tirelessly to ignite the power and promise of youth in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

We also have made a commitment to ourselves, our staff, and our community to continue to make measurable impact through:

  • Expanding our outreach beyond the colleges and universities we currently partner with to further increase inclusivity for minorities
  • Providing ongoing diversity and sensitivity training to all staff
  • Providing career advice to Black students and professionals that include mentorship, resume and cover letter guidance, and mock interviews to help them secure jobs in the healthcare advertising industry
  • Calling upon our staff to work together with leadership to be part of the solution and help us find ways to amplify black voices in our industry

We strongly believe that if we all do our part, we can make a difference.