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Elevate’s Derick Sumrall Shares his thoughts

At the end of 2023, Med Ad News held a roundtable where industry leaders discussed what technologies they thought most affected audience intelligence and engagement throughout 2023, as well as what the next market disruptor will be. Elevate’s Derick Sumrall, Practice Lead, Customer Experience, was honored to be able to participate in the roundtable.

With his platform, Derick discusses a new phenomenon, generative AI summaries. Some of the most used search engines worldwide employ this to “source content from multiple websites and provide immediate summaries, eliminating the need to click on links,” says Derick.

This led to discussing a new concept called a zero-click search, which Derick believes is “reshaping digital healthcare communications.” Derick then asks how agencies and brands can prepare for these new generative AI search engines and how generative AI summaries and zero-click searches will affect different aspects of digital communications, including content optimization and high-quality content.

When asked specifically about content optimization, Derick explained, “As more and more content is summarized and referenced by AI, we will have to learn how to create source-able content and topical affiliations. But, this sourcing will still lean heavily on SEO techniques, and we don’t know yet what exact sourcing parameters will be applied beyond our immediate brand’s sphere of control.”

To see Derick’s full response, as well as the other industry leaders’ responses, see the whole Roundtable here.