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April 7, 2020

The April 2020 issue of PharmaVOICE features an article about agency-client relationships with Frank X. Powers, Elevate co-founder, and client partner Brian Peters, VP of sales and marketing for Medexus Pharma. Frank and Brian discussed their work chemistry, how it was obvious after the first phone call, and how it’s still going strong 18 months later.

For Brian, chemistry is key: “For me, either the chemistry is there or it isn’t. You cannot create it. You cannot force it. You cannot make it happen. And I don’t think there’s any way that you can fake your way through it.” When looking for a new agency partner, Brian wanted to go the opposite way of what he had been doing and try to find a small agency that could be nimble and grow with his business needs.

On deciding to go with Elevate on the elevator ride leaving the meeting, Brian said, “Our CEO and I knew walking out of the pitch that Elevate was the partner we wanted to have to grow our U.S. business into a bigger business over time. It took less than three hours with Frank and his team to be totally comfortable with making the decision to have them as our partners … You just know when you click with someone.”

Elevate was one of four agencies competing for the Medexus business, and beyond the chemistry, Frank charged the agency with pushing the boundaries of Brian’s perception about the brand in a way that would inspire him. Brian said that working with Elevate has opened up his mind to thinking differently. Both the brand team and agency team have gotten stronger because of this way of thinking; ii allowed both sides to collaborate and see success with the Medexus brand refresh.

On working with Brian, Frank said, “He’s a professional and knows what he wants. But he is also giving the agency the latitude to do our job and come to him with options and creative thinking. My team appreciates this because we want to deliver a superior product, and Brian holds us accountable to that.”

Chemistry, growth stemming from challenges, and personal touches are elements that make teams work well together, work hard together, and celebrate together. Brian considered the success as a good dose of professional respect combined with chemistry at first sight. And he suspected this would be the case before going into that first pitch.

Brian said, “I did my due diligence on Elevate before I met with them; when I met them in person, it just confirmed what I was already hoping would be true. I can honestly say they’ve not let me down a single time, and that everything that I found in my research has been present in all the work going forward.” We’re thrilled that Elevate has been everything Brian had hoped for. Having an amazing client relationship like this keeps everyone motivated and excited for the journey ahead, together. Here’s to more incredible work in the future.

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