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Photo of Taylor Myers-Ackerman in front of Mountains



Elevate’s company culture and relationship with its clients are reasons why it’s been awarded numerous industry accolades over the last several years. A big contributor to both of these is Elevate’s own Taylor Myers-Ackerman. This is why we are excited to announce Taylor’s promotion to Group Account Supervisor.

Since starting at Elevate, Taylor has relentlessly worked on her craft, honed her considerable skills, and earned multiple promotions in just a few short years. Her attention to detail, care for her team members, and dedication to her clients’ success are just the beginning of what makes Taylor a standout superstar at the agency and with her clients. Through tight timelines and concept launches, Taylor always goes the extra mile to ensure her clients challenges are overcome and their expectations surpassed. All of us are excited to watch Taylor elevate to her well-earned position as one of the top group account supervisors in the industry.

Scott Harper, VP, Client Engagement, said, “Taylor continues to impress year over year. She leads by example and guides her clients and internal teams with grace. We are all truly grateful for her collaborations and ongoing leadership.”

Over time, Elevate has established fundamentals that the organization lives by on a daily basis. Taylor has embodied these core fundamentals and implements them into her work every day, inspiring others to do so as well. Taylor is deeply involved with her clients’ brands and is renowned for collaborating closely with internal teams to marshal resources, problem-solve, and drive solutions forward. She is a true team player and is well respected for her leadership and achievements on behalf of the agency and her clients.

Nick Stackhouse, Senior Manager, Client Delivery, said, “Taylor projects loyalty, hard work, and dedication not only in her client relationships, but also with those on her internal teams. It is truly impressive to watch her juggle it all with such ease. Like a good leader, she makes us all stronger, and I am thankful to have her on our team.”

Taylor was previously named a Woman to Watch by MM+M in their Women of Distinction issue. It’s been a joy to watch her ascend to greatness.

Congratulations, Taylor!