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Elevate’s Frank X. Powers on AI in healthcare marketing

Elevate Cofounder Frank Powers

Elevate’s Frank X. Powers on AI in healthcare marketing

Read the recent PM360 “Great” Interview with Industry Leaders and Visionaries

Artificial intelligence is rapidly having an effect in almost every corner of society, and we are all still figuring out how to harness its potential and what impact AI will have on healthcare and digital marketing. PM360 asked Charles Benaiah, CEO of media insights company Watzan to reach out to the best minds in the industry to weigh in on AI’s impact and what the future holds.

The title of the piece is: It’s GOAT Time: How Experts Are Changing the Game in Marketing’s New Digital Era. The author cites GOATs (or “greatest of all time” for those unfamiliar with the term) in various industries: Michael Jordan, Ryan Reynolds, Mark Zuckerberg, and Liz Moench, and how they’ve changed their respective areas of expertise.

Benaiah’s premise is GOATs I know are changing the game in digital pharma marketing.” His panel of GOATs in pharma marketing include:

  • Jasper Beard, Head of Market Access Operations and Vice President of Patient Assistance Foundation, VIIV Healthcare
  • Shana Washington, Director, Global Marketing (HCP) – COVID-19, Moderna
  • Neil Ravenhill, Global HCP Training and Medical Education Director, Ipsen and Chief Medical Officer, LVC Digital Health
  • Danny Weisman, Group Media Director at Noble People
  • Frank X. Powers, Co-founder, Managing Partner, Elevate Healthcare Marketing

Elevate’s own Frank Powers responded to the question, “What do you think will work in the NEXT era?” byreminding us that things change. Fundamentals don’t. Amid the proliferation of AI-driven tools and emerging marketing channels, the human touch (and voice) remains paramount in healthcare marketing. “The true greats always come back to the fundamentals, and in a time of flux, brand strategy provides all marketers with a North Star. Brands change the game when they deliver on a carefully crafted strategy. Cultivate a human-centric approach. Focus on building trust and strong relationships with HCPs and their patients. A finely constructed brand strategy will always work, regardless of era.”

For a “great” read, see Frank’s full comments and the rest of the thought-provoking article here.